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Before and Aftercare Program



  • The program will begin on the first day of school.

  • In the morning, drop off time will be at 7:15am or later.

  • In the afternoon, the program will run from dismissal to 6pm.

  • On half days of school, or on early dismissal days, the program will run as usual.

  • Should school close early for a snow emergency or other reason, the program will run.

  • When school is closed the program will not be in session.


  •  Mrs. Karen Schultz

  • Ms. Michelle Stecker

Other teachers have indicated availability to serve as back-up staff. The CSA, Mr. Jones will serve as emergency back-up whenever necessary. There will always be additional school staff in the building during the Before and Aftercare hours.


  • All Hampton School students can participate.

  • Registration for regular care can be completed at any time. Regular care is for working parents and is defined as care that will be provided on a regular basis. 

  • Drop-in care is certainly allowed in the program. Students using the Before Care program on a drop-in basis must be personally escorted to the Kindergarten room for sign in. Students using the Aftercare program who are not regular users should have a note with instructions that the child is to use Aftercare on that day. Students are asked to bring the note to Mrs. Weston in the morning.

  • Families using the program for drop-in purposes are asked to complete the registration form and submit it on the first time of use.  

  • Cost of the program is $4.00 per hour for before care and $4.00 per hour for after care.

  • Bills will be sent out every month and prompt payment is necessary for sustaining the program. 


Activities in the program will be taken from the listing of potential endeavors delineated below. Please note that this list is subject to change depending upon everything from the weather, to the number of children present and the adult supervision available.

  • Outside time for play activities;

  • Whereas some students are very young and the day is long, rest time periods will be utilized when necessary;

  • Homework time with the potential of assistance; (Students will not be allowed to return to their classrooms during Aftercare thus all necessary materials must be brought to the program)

  • Tutoring time if tutor volunteers are available;

  • Inside play time;

  • Arts and Crafts;

  • Computer time;

  • Group activities encouraging social interaction;

  • Use of board games and role play activities;

  • Project work and play activities;

  • Observation activities of sport events;

  • Movie day;

  • Snack time.

Families are asked not to allow students to bring computer games, I-Pads, electronic toys, video games etc. as we cannot be responsible for care and safety of those items.


  • The registration form and the school records will give us ample information to reach you if a child is ill or for any other reason necessary. General rules put forth by the school nurse will apply to the care programs. We cannot dispense medication to any child.

  • Positive behavior is a necessity at all times in the program and the teaching staff will be backed by the CSA in situations of difficulty. Repeated difficulty related to discipline issues cannot be tolerated and will end Before or Aftercare privileges.

  • The registration form will include a listing of adults eligible to pick up a child at the end of the day. Those persons not familiar to school staff will be asked to identify themselves via photo identification. We cannot release a child to someone who is not on the registration form. Exceptions will need to be cleared with the CSA whenever necessary. 

  • 6 pm is the absolute latest that a child can be picked up.

  • 7:15 am is the earliest a child can be dropped off.

  • Sign in sheets and sign out sheets are necessary for safety and billing purposes.

  • In an emergency circumstance, the aftercare providers can be contacted at

Please note that this program was implemented with the concept that it would be self-sustaining, at no cost to taxpayers.

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